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Imagine copy-pasting a data table from a spreadsheet onto a barebones text editor program like Notepad. You may end up with continuous strings of letters and numbers that are difficult to parse and use. This mental exercise shows how the haphazard migration of data — especially overly complex or unstructured data — to the cloud can lead to its corruption, resulting in costly downtime and problem-solving efforts.

Unscrupulous CSPs will promise inexpensive migration of such data just to get your account, but reputable providers will warn you of the dangers beforehand. The latter will then work with your IT team to ensure proper data transmission, which may involve organizing it and giving it structure before or after cloud migration. However, this procedure will eat up time your IT team would otherwise spend on accomplishing their primary tasks, which may be critical to business operations.

Moreover, even if you and your CSP migrate data as carefully as possible, the data’s complexity may still cause technical problems in the future. Therefore, you must work with your CSP to consider whether or not you should move overly complex data to the cloud in the first place.



As a first step, outline why a system migration is required and if it aligns with the business goals. The objective SWOT analysis should be conducted to analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the migration exercise.

Such an analysis will help you plan effectively multiple aspects and not just the technical process. It will include external dependencies, employee training, compliance factors, security procedures, etc.

The first stage will give you an overview of possible obstacles related to financial, operational, and staff training processes and help you proactively plan and manage them with minimum losses.


  • Diversified content management features
  • Geolocation features
  • Advertising capabilities (including promoted content, dynamic ads, sales, discounts, and rewards)
  • Booking modules with customizable parameters
  • Integration with payment service providers
  • Built-in rating features
  • Customer feedback forms
  • Interactive maps and location schemes
  • Integration of ready-made websites and portals with the Expedia platform via RESTful API
  • Ongoing brand support provided by a professional technical and account management team

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  • Improving the solution’s architecture along with ensuring its better customization flexibility, improved performance, and stronger security.
  • Redesigning legacy templates to make the portal more appealing to end users and partners.
  • Setting up a uniform booking process across different services.
  • Replacing the rigid features of legacy templates with customizable modular functionality.
  • Enhancing the solution’s overall performance, particularly the templates’ loading time.
  • Setting up the process of a smooth migration from legacy to redesigned templates.
  • Ensuring the solution’s scalability and ability to provide over 10,000 brands with the required functionality.
  • Guaranteeing a consistent user experience of both the desktop and mobile applications.



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    Datawalls helped Expedia revamp their international travel booking software in order to offer their partners wider capabilities to promote their services and improve the overall customer experience.